Why I Like Working From Home (WFH)

I’m a full time working mum with three school aged boys (13, 7 & 5).

I’m on a flexible work hours of 6am to 2pm so I can leave work early to pickup my boys after school.

I’m happy that my company now allows the flexibility of WFH.

First case – My alarm normally goes off from 445am so I can prepare to go to work.  I catch the 530am train & I will be in the office from 545am ready for 6m work.

When I WFH – My alarm is set to 6am so I get more sleep.  Yey!  I need that!  When the alarm goes off, I just turn on my laptop then set on the coffee machine while laptop is booting.  Love the smell of coffee.

Second case – I only see my boys at 3pm when I pick them up after school.  Sometimes I think this is wrong.  So first thing I do in the morning after my morning prayer is to sneak in their rooms & look at their faces while they sleep – say a short blessing then smile.  Also, I try to call them around 815am before they are off to school.

When I WFH – I get a good morning kiss & hug from my boys.  Priceless!  I get to see them prepre for school & sometimes even drop them off as we live very close to the school.  This is the best reason I would say why I love WFH.

Third case – I work in an IT production support environment where I manage our team’s production issues.  When I get an issue,  I either resolve it or find someone who can resolve it.  My work involves a lot of talking to people within our team, customers and third party.  There are a lot of people coming over to talk to me – work & social.  I will say sometimes this is good but may pose as sometimes a distraction.

When I WFH – I get to have peace & quiet when my boys leave for school.  No distraction, more productive.

It’s a win-win-win … for myself, for my family & for my work.  Thumbs up!


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